Representatives of Traditional Folklore since 1994
Vonička is a folk ensemble that has been dedicated to the processing and presentation of rich folklore from the Valašsko region and other parts of our country since 1994. Our passionate and talented dancers and singers are united by their love for folk culture and its preservation.
In our program, you will find a wide range of traditional elements that we bring to life through typical children's games, work themes, folk customs and traditions, folk songs, and dances. Through our performances, we aim to transport listeners and viewers into the atmosphere of bygone eras when folklore played an important role in society.
Vonička regularly participates in various folk festivals and events, both within the Czech Republic and abroad. Our choreographies and performances have enriched many festival stages and showcased authentic folk traditions.
We are proud of our long-standing tradition and meticulously create and reproduce authentic folk customs and dances. Vonička thus contributes to preserving the cultural heritage of our nation and spreading the joy and magic of folklore among the wider public.
Join us and let yourself be swept away into the world of traditional folklore. Together, we will enjoy unforgettable moments filled with energetic dances, charming melodies, and the strong spirit of our ancestors.
The ensemble is accompanied by the dulcimer music of Trnka or the dulcimer music of Kyčera.​​​​​​​
Where were we
Bosna  Hercegona
MFF Bakov nad Jizerou 
Festival Lunárního roku Praha
Poberounský folklorní festival
Festival Kácení máje Zubří
Festival Pražské folklorní dny 
MFF Tuchlovice
Rakousko- Oetz- reprezentace Sokola Vršovice
MFF Písek
MFF Polabská vonička
MFF Řecko- Chalkidiki
MFF Francie- Montrejou
MFF Itálie- Rimini, Carpineto Romano
MFF Maďarsko- Vandering folklore festival, Balaton
MFF Makedonie  Ohrid
MFF Pokrova na Vltavě
MFF Pražský jarmark
MFF Pardubice-Hradec Králové
 MFF Ukrajina-Lvov
Fest Folklorika-Starý Hrozenkov

Our ensemble leader, Jaroslava Vondráková, is an exceptional figure in Czech folklore. The heart and soul of our ensemble, she brings her artistic talent and rich experience to every performance.
Thank you to our valued sponsors for your support!
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